2019 Halloween Decor - Clowns are Still Terrifying

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Image: King Halloween (https://kinghalloween.com/halloween-decorations/)

Blame the IT films if you want, but clowns are still doing a great job of scaring us this year. This is obvious in the Best Halloween Decorations List for 2019! According to King Halloween, four of their top ten items are clown related including the #1 Clown Animatronic which measures in at 7 feet tall.


Don’t worry if scary isn’t your style at Halloween. They also feature cute Halloween decorations like glowing witch hats and skeleton lawn flamingos.

In fact, there is a little bit of something for everyone on the King Halloween top 10 decoration list. This includes something for horror movie fans and hardcore Halloween fans.

  • Animatronics have become very popular this year because they are high-weight and so easy to build now.
  • Clowns are back again in 2019 and they are scarier than ever.
  • Decorate different rooms with different horror movie themes for a terrifyingly good time.

Not convinced? You can always check out Spirit Halloween’s page for decoration ideas too. Another great catalogue of Halloween decor can be found at Oriental Trading Company, but personally I like to smaller sites so I can get an idea about which decorations to buy.

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