Always Choose The Trick!

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People often forget that Halloween is a time for tricks and treats. Halloween pranks are a long-standing tradition that should be embraced to keep the season fun. While it’s tempting to keep taking the treats, I say always choose the trick! Time magazine agrees, just look at their article with the funniest pranks that went viral in 2017. The Babadook prank from Time is my favorite because of the imagery.


Halloween pranks are a fun way to keep the mischievous spirit alive this holiday season, and they can also be a great bonding experience with kids. When pranking kids it’s important to keep the scares fun, without going to far or humiliating the child in any way. Harmless Halloween Pranks by Parents can provide a bit of guidance and a few great ideas.

What should you do if you want to pull some pranks this holiday season but you aren’t sure where to start? Desire to prank is the first step. Once you decide to do it, everything else will come easier. Next, you will want to find a few good ideas that fit your style and sense of humor and then plan your first Halloween prank. There are some good ideas to get started at:


Along with having a variety of fun Halloween pranks, King Halloween also focuses on non-destructive pranking which should be a priority for beginners. Pranks won’t be seen as fun or funny if you ruin someone’s belongings or property when pulling them.

My two favorite pranks from the King Halloween site are the drone monster and cockroach invasion pranks. I’ve seen videos of people flying drones with Halloween creatures attached and it’s pretty impressive. The cockroach invasion is just horrifying, and to see them pouring out of bathroom vents would be so scary, but then such a relief that it’s a prank. Pick your favorite pranks and a loved one and get to work... but always keep the motto “do no harm” in mind when pulling Halloween pranks.

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