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Every Halloween I struggle with getting awesome decorations without spending an arm and a leg. I’ve learned the hard way that going with inexpensive decorations can result in low-quality cheap stuff that isn’t even worth the pennies I spent to buy.


In fact, the frustration of buying crappy low cost items often costs more in the end due to irritation, time and having to make an emergency trip to the store. I know I’m not the only one that’s gone through this cycle trying to save money.

That’s why King Halloween’s article about getting high quality and low cost Halloween decorations is so appealing. I wan’t inexpensive items that won’t fall apart! King Halloween did the research and made a top ten list for everyone to use.


It’s hard to pick a favorite from the list but I love (#3) the Flame LED Light Bulbs along with (#6) the Trick or Treat Halloween Banners.

If you have time and are a little crafty, another option is to make your own Halloween decorations in 2019. Here are a couple resources for DIY Halloween decor this year.


Another great option for getting low cost Halloween decorations is Target stores. However, they tend to sell out fast depending on where you live.


Wherever you decide to shop for Halloween this year, remember to cover indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations to keep your entire home spooky.

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