Halloween Can Be Funny Too

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For some reason jokes have become just as popular on Halloween as getting good scares. Many people love the spooks, blood and guts, but there are also individuals who can’t stand getting scared. For these people finding funny jokes for Halloween is where it’s at. They can enjoy the ambiance and traditions of the holiday without the gore and terror. To learn more about why people love good jokes in general check out this article by Scott Weems.


If you are looking for Halloween jokes like the following: 

How can you fix a broken jack-o-lantern? By using a pumpkin patch.

then you might be interested in jokes about pumpkins. Pumpkins are ripe for joking around with their round, orange shapes. Let’s face it, they are easy targets.


Another popular topic for joking around on Halloween involves ghosts. They can be scary, even terrifying but they can also be goofy and fun. Here is an example of a good ghost joke which can be found at:


Q: What do ghosts do on Halloween?
A: Anything they want.

Halloween is a great time for comedy, laughs and joking around. There are so many Halloween themed jokes available for kids and adults. Parents can use Halloween jokes to spread Halloween spirit throughout October by using them in crafts and other activities.

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