Halloween Colors - Their Origin and Meaning

Many people believe in the power of colors and what they symbolize. In fact, advertisers invest money into color research with the hopes of getting influence over their audience. Colors can influence emotions and attitudes. Incredible Art has posted a list of colors and their meanings in different cultures if you want to learn the basics.


Halloween colors have their own history and meanings. However, they aren’t completely separate from the normal color symbolism. For example, red may normally symbolize passion, violence, blood and intensity, but when red is used for Halloween it has additional meanings.


According to King Halloween’s color symbolism article, red also represents life and mortality. Halloween decorations that show bleeding can symbolize death and the fear of dying.

I really enjoyed 7 Halloween Colors and What they Represent because there were some surprises you won’t find in other articles about Halloween color symbolism. The first interesting thing is the claim that there are seven Halloween colors, but King Halloween makes a solid argument for each one.


Anyone who enjoys colors, symbolism or Halloween should enjoy King Halloween’s article.

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