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I’m sure you’ve heard about the newest Halloween (2018) film being released by Jon Carpenter, not Rob Zombie. If not, you can catch up with the Halloween trailer and basic information here. Ok now that you are caught up you know that it’s going to be epic!


This film will take place as a sequel to the first Halloween film. What does that mean? Basically, act like all the other films didn’t happen and Jamie Lee Curtis has survived a horrific attack on Halloween night. Yes, you heard correctly. They are not only bringing back the original Laurie Strode, but also the original Michael Myers with actor Nick Castle.

Fans know this is a big deal because he hasn’t been seen since the original Halloween film... and he was grossly underpaid for his role.


If you want other movies, there is a pretty good list of Halloween themed scary movies at King Halloween. Horror movies that aren’t well know can be found here like Satan’s Little Helper and the Houses October Built. This is a list of movies that take place on or around Halloween with plenty of Halloween eye candy. I hate seeing Halloween themed movie lists that just have every movie with a Fall time period. The worst is when they are mostly Christmas movies that have one scene at Halloween time. Ugh.

I can’t wait until October 19, 2018 to see the new Halloween movie!

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