Halloween Symbolism

Being a huge fan of Halloween, naturally I have wondered why we use all the traditional colors and decorations while celebrating. After much reading and searching I came across a cool page explaining 16 Halloween symbols and their origins at:


I enjoyed this article over the many others because it’s easy to read with a lot of cool images. In case you’re wondering what kind of Halloween symbols I’m talking about, here are just a few.

  • Bat
  • Witch
  • Jack-o-lantern
  • Clown
  • Scarecrow

Learning about why I surround myself with these every Halloween, and let’s face it, outside of the holiday too is very cool. It will also help me justify the clown mask to friends when they visit in December. Also, if you are looking for cool information on spider symbolism Martha Stewart made a post about DIY spider stuff and their origins here.

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