How to Stay Safe on Halloween

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Overall Halloween is actually a pretty safe holiday. However with the costumes, candy, tricks and kids wandering around at night some safety hazards do pop up.


Safety Tips at King Halloween discusses costume and trick-or-treating safety issues, which can give families a lot of trouble. Costumes can block your child’s vision, cause tripping issues and make kids blend into the darkness. A great tip from King Halloween is to always purchase flame resistant costumes for the kids.

Trick-or-treating can provide parents with the opportunity to spend quality time with children while teaching them about safety by setting a good example. This is a good time to show children what candies to throw out, how to walk on sidewalks and how to safely cross the street. Some kid’s can have an allergic reaction to the treats going around, which makes food safety a big issue for children with food allergies.


With a little preparation Halloween can be as safe as any other day of the year, and a lot more fun.

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