Scariest Characters Out There

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Being a fan of the horror movie genre means I like to root for a strong hero or a scary villain. Either one makes for a great film.


Here’s a list of 100 of the greatest movie heroes for fans who favor the lighter side of force.

If you’re a horror fan like me, you might prefer a list of 50 scary characters and horror movie villains. Fifty might not be a long enough list, but it should get you started. In fact, you can vote on your favorite horror icon here. Voting is only for the top 5 icons of horror like Jason, freddy and Michael!


The great thing about horror villains is that they include supernatural unstoppable forces like Jason Voorhees along with psychotic humans like Hannibal Lecter. Both types are scary in their own way.

  • So who’s your favorite scary character?!

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