Superstitions and Halloween

Superstitions are one of the things that make Halloween fun and exciting. For centuries different cultures have influenced Halloween superstitions and led to many of todays customs.


Don’t be fooled into thinking Halloween is the only cause of strange believes, here is a post with weird superstitions from all over the world. Now that you’ve seen some of those superstitions, let’s talk about Halloween specific ones.

Whether it’s cemetery superstitions, bobbing for apples, black cat superstitions or bats, Halloween superstitions can be found everywhere. According to King Halloween “Ringing bells on Halloween will chase away evil spirits” so I guess we owe all those trick or treaters a thank you. King Halloween’s Common Superstition article also discusses many other spooky superstitions that come in handy on Halloween night.


If you enjoy knowing that open flames light the way for souls to the afterlife, then I recommend reading the Common Superstition post and checking out their Halloween traditions post to.

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