Throwing a Halloween Party

Throwing a Hallowing party can be a lot of work and a lot of fun. The first major decision is what kind of party you want to throw. Is it going to be horror themed, light-hearted, filled with monsters, or based on a color scheme. Anything goes for a Halloween party!


After deciding what kind of party, the next step is to nail down a party theme. Your Halloween party theme is one of the most important party decisions and a lot will revolve around it. So take some time deciding. Here are some great ideas for Halloween party themes, you don’t have to stick to a basic orange and black theme anymore. There are killer clowns, graveyard and even 80's horror movie (my favorite) themed parties.

After choosing a theme, there are quite a few steps left before your party will be ready to go. King Halloween has a 10 step guide to throwing a successful Halloween party.


Some of these steps include the obvious like decorating for your theme, putting together Halloween treats and preparing games for your guests. Other steps are less obvious like using your decorations to engage all the senses of your party guests in order to create more memories.


I love Halloween parties and it’s hard not to get excited about throwing a great party this year. Especially after reading about the blood bath party theme.

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