Tricks, Treats, Fun Facts and Trivia!

Halloween isn’t just a time for tricks and treats anymore. Let’s face it, we have become more evolved and now along with questionable costume choices we also crave information. Halloween has become a time for parties and party games.


In fact, Halloween trivia and factoids have become a staple in holiday celebrations over the last decade. Parents are putting fun little Halloween facts in kids lunch boxes as a cool surprise and trivia contests break out at Halloween parties all over.

Here is a fun collection of 2018 Halloween facts that stands out from all the rest because it’s not filled with out of date information. There is nothing worse than hearing about a world record from ten years ago that isn’t even true anymore... ugh.


These are all up-to-date fun facts for this Halloween season in 2018 at:


If you doubt the power of trivia and facts you must not celebrate national trivia day. It’s a big trend all over because once you start reading it can be hard to stop. Especially when talking about a cool topic like Halloween.

After all, who doesn’t want to know when the next full moon happens on Halloween night? Or what famous musician died on Halloween night? I know I do! Those are both on the King Halloween Fun Facts page by the way.

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