Underrated Thrillers To Watch

I’m a huge fan of horror movies. It can be hard to differentiate the good thrillers from the bad ones. Especially because so many reviews are inaccurate when it comes to the horror movie genre.


Recently I’ve been into watching underrated horror movies instead of the more popular ones. A google search comes up with a lot of underrated scary movie lists. However, listing foreign scary movies has become a popular trend lately which is awesome except my TV makes the subtitles so small I can’t ever read the dialogue.

I keep running into the same issue. I go through a list of 25 - 50 horror movies, finally choose one that sounds awesome, get my hands on it, go to watch it and Boom! It’s in another language with subtitles. I don’t know why they couldn’t mention that during the online review, “oh btw this entire movie is in Swedish.” It’s so irritating! Here is a list of 17 English underrated horror movies. These are all pretty entertaining horror movies.


I especially enjoyed Grave Encounters, Circle, Don’t Breath and You’re Next. Many of these movies my friends have never even heard of, but they are definitely worth a watch for horror fans looking for a great film.

Any die hard scary movie fan knows there are a few struggles we deal with because of our love of all things horror. Number one, friends and family don’t want to watch the movies we love. I know you feel my pain here.


The new Purge is coming out in a few days, but it’s going to be a struggle getting anyone to go with me. People that don’t like horror movies, just don’t like horror movies.

Number two, relationships hate it when we sit around watching horror movies on the nights and weekends. All the blood curling screams and scary sound effects really upset people who don’t like the genre. There’s a small stigma that comes with being a horror movie fan, but I’m willing to live with it. Most of us are!


In fact, it seems like the only time we get the freedom to watch whatever scary movies we want is around Halloween when it becomes socially acceptable. That’s why I like to make the entire month of October a horror movie marathon.

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